Hassayampa Framework Study for the Wickenburg Area

Draft conceptual Frameworks

Alternative 1 – (Minimum Capacity) This alternative extends a few key roadways (Hassayampa Freeway and Hidden Waters Parkway) that were identified in the original Hassayampa Framework study and introduces two east-west arterials to the Wickenburg Planning Area.  Based on the buildout population for the Wickenburg planning area, this transportation network does not adequately accommodate the future travel demand.

Alternative 2 – (Enhanced Capacity) This alternative introduces Black Mountain Parkway, and two east-west arterials Caballeros Road and Cherokee Lane to the study area.  With the introduction of these additional facilities, the transportation network improves its overall level of service but is still not sufficient to accommodate the future travel demand.

Alternative 3a – (Maximum Capacity) This alternative complements the first two alternatives with adding two additional Arizona Parkways Eagle Eye and Joy Ranch, and two additional arterials Forepaugh Peak Road and Twin Peaks Road.  Alternative 3a is the maximum capacity alternative which accommodates the future travel demand of the Wickenburg planning area.

Alternative 3b – (Preferred Alternative) (Maximum Capacity) Through the extensive stakeholder outreach and environmental scan, Hidden Waters Parkway (north of SR-74 extension) and Caballeros Road (east-west arterial) were identified as traversing through potentially sensitive areas and were removed from the transportation  network.  Alternative 3b has been identified as the preferred alternative by the Town of Wickenburg City Council with the recommendation that the alignment of the Hassayampa Freeway be moved farther west, away from the Vulture Peak area.