Sustainable Transportation and Land Use Integration Study

Working Papers

During the 24-month study process, four working papers will be developed to spark discussion, elicit feedback, and provide draft material for integration into the final report.  These working papers include the following:

Working Paper One - Final:
Regional Transportation Framework and Issues – April 2011

Working Paper Two:
Moving Toward Sustainable Transportation – May 2011

Market Study Memorandum:
MAG ST LUIS – Market Study Memorandum – June 2011

Employment Analysis Memorandum:
MAG ST LUIS – Employment Analysis Memorandum – June 2012

Working Paper Three-A:
Supportive High Capacity Transit (HCT) Corridor Technical Analysis, Scenarios 1 & 2 – November 2011

Working Paper Three-B:
Scenario Modeling and Results – March 2013

Working Paper Four:
Findings and Recommendations

Key Recommendations and Tools Report:
Study Key Recommendations and Tools – July 2013