Central Phoenix Transportation Framework Study


The Central Phoenix Transportation Framework Study (CPHX) is the latest in a series of long-range planning studies initiated by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).  The success of previous framework studies has launched a new generation of planning for the MAG region, where the needs of the distant future are determined and balanced against the current challenges of providing for multimodal transportation in times of shrinking revenues and growing environmental and energy concerns.

Central Phoenix Transportation Framework StudyThe study area encompasses much of the metropolitan core and is bounded generally by Loop-101 to the west, north and east and by Loop-202 and the Gila River Indian Community to the south. The study’s goals include developing strategies to promote an environmentally sustainable multimodal transportation network; determining and prioritizing capacity, operational and safety improvements; and forming a framework of strategies to enhance regional connections for consideration in developing the NexGen Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Stakeholder outreach, initiated at the onset of the project in 2011, provided a range of potential roadway, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle improvement concepts that are the subject of additional technical study.  The study is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2013, with identification of feasible multimodal transportation improvement strategies that will be further vetted in conjunction with MAG’s upcoming NexGen RTP.

An initiative of the of the CPHX study, the Phoenix Comprehensive Downtown Transportation Study is being conducted this fall. To learn more about this study initiative, please review the study fact sheet.

For more information, please contact:
Robert Hazlett, Project Manager at (602) 254-6490 or Peggy Fiandaca, Public Involvement Coordinator, at (480) 816-1811 or email us.