MAG Regional Transit
Framework Final Report

The Maricopa Association of Government’s (MAG) Regional Transit Framework (RTF) is one of several studies that are occurring throughout the State of Arizona to identify and prioritize future transportation needs. The framework studies are part of the Building a Quality Arizona (BQAZ) planning process, which will serve as input into a comprehensive statewide multi-modal transportation planning framework. Since the initiation of the study in February 2008, the MAG Regional Transit Framework has sought to understand the region’s transit needs and deficiencies with the goal of identifying high-leverage transit investments that can attract a significant number of new passengers while improving transit service for existing patrons.

Understanding of the region’s transit needs and deficiencies was accomplished through a process that included a review of previous studies; input from the community; an evaluation of the MAG region by external transit peers; and a technical review of regional mobility needs and deficiencies.

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